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Why Knot fitness

THe story of god

Growing up as an Atheist belief in God was the furtherest thing from my mind. So, why tell the story of God? Well after an encounter with a "church goer." I attempted to disprove religion. Eventually, my focus turned to the testimony of the Bible. I discovered, after over 3 years of trying to disprove it, that the documents within the Bible are bibliographically, historically and a scientifically accurate testimony of God's actions on this planet. That was not the result I wanted or expected. So, I turned to the original texts. I learned Hebrew, Greek and some Latin only to discovered, that the Bible, in its original and translated language is...

A career in health care teaches you many things. Perhaps our greatest lesson was you are what you do and become what you put into your body. We have watched people in their 30's and 40's struggling to get in and out of cars, chairs and even walking. Back and knee pain, tight hips and shoulders and the resulting bad posture leading to more and more debilitation. Fit people live better no matter what physical limitation they encounter. How do we get fit on a sailboat using limited equipment? See our workouts and equipment below

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Why Knot

In 2020, we were given no choice! Twenty years of work was ended in a flash and we had to decide start over or serve God on a Leopard 45. We chose the later and started sailing the seven seas to experience a variety of countries and cultures. The Leopard 45 comes from the factory in South Africa as a coastal boat in need of constantly stop at marinas for provisioning. However, we wanted a "global predator" to quote leopard. To accomplish this we made significant numbers of additions to make the journey. Every addition we made was at our expense without thought to "sponsorship."

Joshua, moments before his death said, "But for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

Joshua son of Nun


We are a hoppa couple who separately came to faith without the influence of a church or true believer! Our road to faith included all of the highs and lows of a human life living without any reference to God. Our relationship to God and each other has led us to serving God by traveling into the unknown to understand better His activity in our world.

We have been asked numerous times, how can you live on a small boat and not grow tired of each other? confused by the thought, Lisa responded, well, I love him. My heart melted. Later, I said, I don’t really understand the question because who wouldn’t want to be with Lis. Perhaps most don’t but we experience the gift of God manifested in the full measure of the four loves described in the Bible.  


Whether you’re curious about our story, a answer to a question, or even a suggestion for an upcoming viedo, we’re here to listen.